• Today I made ribs in the Instant Pot 👨🏻‍🍳

  • I made salted caramel brownies #tasty

  • Love this classic from Freddie Hubbard 🎺itunes.apple.com

  • 🤞 as IBDesignable views can be brutal sometimes

  • !🕹

  • today at work i was bacon 🥓

  • I can’t wait to get home today so I can play Super Mario Odyssey 🍄 #NintendoSwitch

  • I am now a patron of Tru Luv on @patreon, and you should be too: patreon.com/truluvmed…

  • To my fellow iPhone X pre-order weenies,

    Good luck…


    And may the force be with you… ALWAYS!

  • The new Chicago Apple Store is very cool 🍎

  • I like to write my open source code in Objective-C because it’s very crusty and keeps the riff-raff out [[[🤓]]]

  • Oh rejoice I just received my panobook from @studioneat via Kickstarter! #panobook 🗒

  • Library book sale scoop 📖

  • I love how my local library bans electronic devices at their used book sales. Would love to see more of this ❤️📚

  • 👋🏼 #ReleaseNotes

  • Yet another great #ReleaseNotes @release_notes #3MoreYears ! #3MoreYears !

  • Please join me in donating to help App Camp for Girls expand to 3 new cities ac4g.releasenotes.tv

  • Hello, my name is Luby #ReleaseNotes

  • I’m at release notes #ReleaseNotes

  • even the snail mailers don’t use my first name ✉️

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