• To all my fellow iPhone preorder friends (degenerates) tonight:

    Good luck God speed And may the force be with you… ALWAYS📱

  • have a taste for a bokeh burger all of a sudden

  • moar beautiful bokeh please

  • remember when they used to show professional bowling on national tv? Boy those were the days 🎳🎳🎳

  • I’m about to eat a Pop Tart for the first time in a VERY long time

  • TIL some people call cookie cakes “big cookies” 🤔

  • #function, #file and #line are cool and all… but how bout that #cake???!!!

  • It’s our national travesty that Xcode’s Paste and Preserve Formatting is not the default paste 😢

  • App subscription fatigue? Try app subscription model fatigue!

    Every app I subscribe to has a unique spin on subscription terms and conditions.

    ¡Ay, caramba! 🤯

  • in my day marzipan was for making bad fruitcakes

  • the hardest problem in all of compteurs is renaming a project in Xcode

  • 🐎🐎🐎

  • Getting ready for the @_RelayFM live podcast event at the Hammer

  • I’m at the @atpfm live event watching 3 nerds on a screen

  • in my day we got our Walkie Talkies from the Radio Shack

  • Literally everyone in this room is trying (and failing) to download Xcode 10 beta #WWDC #bandwidth

  • I’m in the keynote room # WWDC

  • The theme for #WWDC this year is very ORANGE 🍊 and very 3D 🤓

  • I went to 🍎 Park visitor center

  • ORD ✈️ SJC for #WWDC

  • print("it warks")

  • eating pizza with knife and fork is not very civilized

  • why do people have to say “yeah no”

  • Whenever I see: Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints:

  • fakebook

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