2022-02-23: watch Severance

2022-02-02: time to watch the book of (anything but) boba fett

2021-10-28: i prefer feta

2021-10-26: in my day if we wanted to Zoom we had to watch the Brady Bunch intro

2021-10-06: GET YOUR FLU SHOT

2021-08-12: on an infinite timescale everything is XML

2021-07-21: I don’t like youtube “reaction” videos

2021-07-10: HD DVD was better

2021-06-09: Time to watch “What’s new in what you can use at work 3 years from now” #WWDC21

2021-06-07: Nerds start your engines 🤓🚗 #WWDC21

2021-01-01: hny

2020-12-18: Cyberclunk

2020-11-12: This is the Way #PS5

2020-11-10: nerds start your engines

2020-11-03: vot

2020-10-18: Did you ever try to listen to elevator music while not in an elevator? Cant recommend

2020-10-08: breaking: Pence’s fly just tested positive but with mild symptoms

2020-10-05: Decision 2020: Biden vs Weekend At Bernie’s

2020-10-03: White House now has more cases than New Zealand

2020-09-13: da bears

2020-07-17: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a legit TANK

2020-07-03: in 2020 all the Karens will be televised

2020-06-15: I am not a spring chicken

2020-05-19: the life-changing magic of tidy-whities

2020-05-19: Chocolate Mnuchin

2020-05-08: time to adjust to the new realtor

2020-05-06: hamburger helper without the hamburger is our new friend

2020-05-05: where’s the beef. literally

2020-05-01: optional Bools are very very mean

2020-04-29: was hoping it would be assassins creed palatine

2020-04-21: a barrel of oil is now cheaper than one ramen noodle

2020-04-17: Ask Dr. Charlatan

2020-04-16: time to learn cobalt

2020-04-15: down to my last ranch flavored Pringle

2020-04-10: 🇺🇸 I wore pants

2020-04-07: today at work i got to name a variable “cookieMonster” 🍪

2020-04-03: what day is it

2020-03-12: time to bring in Baby Yoda

2020-02-21: I eat breakfast for breakfast

2020-01-23: wouldn’t it be funny if Cyberpunk 2077 gets delayed till 2078?

2020-01-03: start the year off right with yet another spam email from Ello

2019-12-25: ‘tis the season for finding a piece of glitter stuck on your forehead hours later after a party 🎁

2019-12-10: when in doubt, bring in Baby Yoda

2019-12-06: if your app doesn’t crash on launch does that still count as “functional programming”?

2019-12-03: Now this is an update. 42gb 😯🕹

2019-11-16: Ahoy! I recently updated my little Micro.blog macOS Today Widget TodayPoster to add Dark Mode …

2019-11-07: gotta love all the Swift learning sites littered with ads and paid products 🙄

2019-10-11: Spooky canstruction 🎃

2019-09-27: life is like one big fetch quest

2019-09-25: iOS developers famous last line of code: tableView.performBatchUpdates 👩‍🦲 🧓 🧔 🧟‍♂️ ☠️

2019-09-20: Turn on this iOS 13 feature early and often 🤐

2019-09-11: SpringBoard -> StarBoard 🤔

2019-07-25: 😎 Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films, 1954–1975 - The Criterion Collection🦖

2019-07-01: scuse me while I go vacuum the database…

2019-06-30: Apologies for the humble brag… 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2

2019-06-11: Checkbox-driven devlopment ✅

2019-06-03: Nerds, start your engines 📲

2019-04-08: Finally finished Assassin’s Creed Cleveland. Boy was that a slog.

2019-04-01: I’m loud … … … April fools

2019-03-30: “Should be pretty straightforward” Developer’s famous last words

2019-03-16: wat?

2019-02-28: MUCH later please. I’m tired and don’t feel like working on my new domain rn

2019-02-14: Midnight snacks. Remember those?

2019-02-13: OH: “This block of code is structured like a Pyramid of Doom” … “Like …

2019-01-25: “The Xcode build system has crashed. Please close and reopen your workspace.” “The …

2019-01-23: #warning is the new and improved // TODO:

2019-01-03: Goal for 2019: Fling MacBook 💻 into Chicago river

2018-12-13: This looks like a fun upcoming Nintendo Switch game: Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch

2018-12-10: Our website EATS cookies because they are scrumptious!!! 🍪🍪🍪

2018-12-07: when in doubt just call layoutIfNeeded

2018-11-28: ❤️ this new GitHub “Releases only” watch feature

2018-11-06: the Xcode bloat creep is real 😟

2018-11-03: I’m doing #EXTRALIFE today to raise money for sick and injured kids at my local children’s …

2018-11-02: Uncheck this Chrome setting early and often…

2018-11-01: I early voted

2018-10-30: needs more bokeh…

2018-10-29: I’ve signed up for #EXTRALIFE this year to raise money for sick and injured kids at my local …